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The Homemade Will

There are many DIY home projects you can do yourself to save time and money - hanging a picture, putting up a shelf, painting a wall to name but a few - but there are many projects a DIY handyman wouldn't dream of tackling and would instead call on the services of the professional tradie. Whilst on the face of it, the DIY Will may seem cheap, quick and viable, the reality is the preparation of your will is one project that should be left to a specialist estate planning lawyer.

There are just so many things that can go wrong - even the perceived "simple act" of signing and witnessing a will has many formal legal requirements that must be undertaken.  If you make a mistake in your will, or the wording is unclear, you won't be around to say "oh..but I really meant....".  It could end up costing your estate and your intended beneficiaries thousands of dollars in legal fees (and possibly a lengthy court hearing - costing much much more), to work out what you really meant!  All this means there will be long delays in distributing your estate and a lot less left at the end for your loved ones. In other words, your best intentions could leave your loved ones with a mess to sort out.  

A professional wills lawyer will help you to identify issues that are unique to you and your specific circumstances. The generic forms available on the market, are just that generic.  "One size" really does not fit all family situations.  A lawyer will help you to identify the "what if..." to make sure your estate planning needs are fully met.   

Wills on Wheels, is also able to work with you to prepare or update your will as well as your Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directive.  As the name suggests, Catherine is a mobile solicitor and will visit you in your own home or in hospital or retirement village.  Catherine can be contacted directly  via email on

Your death is likely going to cause much grief and heartache for your family and friends - an incorrect, vague or out of date will, will only add to their distress.  While contemplating one's own mortality is stressful, making sure that you have fully prepared for that inevitability will give you peace of mind and ensure your loved ones are left without a nightmare to deal with.  

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